Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I take Beatrix to a mum and baby casting!

Oh what a joy!

My agency, Profile Models, sent me to a casting for Lycra yesterday and they asked me to bring B.

My initial reaction was, what are WE going to be doing with LYCRA? For mums and babies?! Really??

The brief was 'summery dresses', and with this in mind I searched through B's wardrobe for the last of her summer wear that actually fit her.

I found one, just the one,  all alone hanging in her wardrobe. A Baby Boden dress that she was given when she was first born and hadn't yet worn. And it had flowers all over it! I'll show you summery....

Here are the pictures from the casting.

B new she had the photographer wrapped around her little 'baby' finger.





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