Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Introducing.........my new favourite fashion-must haves.....

Vintage red velvet dress Portobello Road market, leather jacket Buenos Aires, Boots Jimmy Choo, studded hat Romwe.com

It's all about studs for me at the moment. I love them! I want them everywhere, on my collar, on my hat.....my shoes, on my bag. Try these studded pumps at Asos.

This website is adorable, it shows you how to stud your own clothes. What a way to save money! Fun and creative too...

Try vintage markets like Portobello Road on a Friday or Saturday in Notting Hill for studded denim jackets. They are hot. 

Mix up studs with something feminine for a softer look, like a floral dress or something pink!!

How do you wear your studs?

How far would you go with your slits?

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Wow, did you hear that?!

Thanks and see you soon 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Skin Ceuticals, Mac, Eve Lom and more......

Hello dear readers,

Do you want to keep your skin looking fresh and in need of a bit of beauty product inspiration?

Then you must read on.

My daily beauty regime goes a little something like this.....

1) Splash face with cold water to stimulate skin and add some colour to my cheeks
2) Eve Lom cleanser applied with warm water and washed off
3) 3 times a week I apply small drops of Skin Ceuticals 'Ferulic Acid' (amazing)

3) 3 times a week I sleep with Claudelie treatment

I don't want you to take this as advice or guidelines, but instead, just an example of a 20-something- girl's daily beauty routine. Who likes to keep her skin clean and moisturised. I know my routine isn't perfect but it is what works for me. 

I discovered Skin Ceuticals after I visited the innovative skin care specialist Debbie Thomas. I have never had an experience quite like it before. She carefully took her time to get to know my sensitive skin and worked with it with love and tender care. My skin was transformed and I was blown away by how my skin looked after the session was up. It had a more youthful glow, that was firmer and flushed with colour.  She was so sweet and reassuring that I was able to completely relax, close my eyes and almost drift off to sleep. 

I am aware that I should be using an eye cream but I am a bit hesitant as I don't want to damage the delicate area around my eyes. This eye cream from Skin Ceuticals appeals the most to me as it's both corrective and not too strong. I will let you know how I get on (TBC).

My Beauty Secrets

1) If I sleep with a treatment at least 3 times a week then my skin is noticeably more moisturised and the fine lines are reduced.
2) I drink at least a litre of water and splash my face with cold water as soon as I wake up to reduce morning puffiness and add a little colour to my cheeks.
3) I don't smoke, drink occasionally and definitely don't go in the sun, all of which is the best way to maintain youthful skin.
4) Before a shoot I always get at least 10 hours sleep (I know, who gets that amount?!), so that my skin is looking as fresh as possible. Sleep is so good for my skin.
5) Argan Oil from any health shop helps immensely for dry skin and it is so repairing. I usually apply this to my skin and hair whenever it needs it.
6) I apply vaseline around my eyes before I go to sleep. There is no perfume so it is gentle.

Thanks for reading!

Now for the comments below.....

What is your favourite beauty product?

Which facial treatments would you recommend?

Do you have any beauty secrets?


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

White Winter

I'm back! 

So sorry I've been gone this long. I guess you could say that I took a little holiday and then I took a bit of time getting over my holiday.

The good news is I got to relax fully in my time away. I spent a bit of time out of London with friends and family. It's hard to come back from that. Everything is at such a slow pace, there is no sense of urgency and I didn't care about a thing. I was truly free...!

So, now, I have returned to  2013 and with a vengeance!

I was sooo happy to receive the Canon EOS M camera from my folks (especially for my blog) for Xmas! I feel more driven than ever. The clothes look 100 times better; they are crystal clear. Just see the snaps I took 
below for proof!

This camera is amazing, I highly recommend it as it's easy use and it is tiny. Plus, I can add some funky lenses to it.  Look out for a bit of black and white, fish eye and close ups.

 Anyway, enough about that. This is a FASHION blog so let us stick to that.

I am wearing two NEW fashion pieces in this story; this beautiful Gucci scarf I was kindly given from my boyfriends mum and a vintage suede waistcoat from Portobello market (Gawp. This was an amazing find and I cant wait to go back to the stool this weekend to take another look at these amazing pieces that were there....)

My 'White Winter' story is rebelling against this dreary weather. Wearing a summer colour in the winter months may seem mad to some but to me it's undisputed. 

It helps me to feel great and it looks fresh, clean, and slick. So, go ahead and pull out your whites for a truly white Winter.

Scarf Gucci, waistcoat vintage Portobello Road, Shirt vintage Levis, belt vintage, jeans Current Elliot, shoes Laboutin

Go to my Youtube channel for this video and more...

Jeans Help
I know how annoying it is to get the right jeans to fit you. Saggy bum, camel toe, too short, too tight....well, Current Elliott really are AMAZING. You can buy Current Elliot at Asos and at Selfridges. They are such a good fit, quite boyish and not too tight. The fabric is great and they last! I have had mine since last summer and they still rock.

I am really into waistcoats at the moment. It gives the outfit a masculine touch and can be worn with pretty much anything. 

Boys shirts
Wear them!! Borrow your boyfriends, look in the mens section of All Saints and go to Ben Sherman, its all about a boys shirt right now.

Hope this helps


that's me......NATASHA

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Biker Girl

Happy New Year 2013!!!!

How was it for you?

New years resolution from me:
Blog more

1 months detox
Spend more time with my girlfriends
Be grateful

Anything leather and the deep shade of black works wonders for me. I am wearing my boyfriends leather jacket from All Saints and my vintage black jeans which are faded and skinny from being washed a few trimes. Even better. 

I got these Jimmy Choo biker boots for Christmas from my boyfriend, they are the ultimate biker boots for girls. They come in two different heights, mine are the the ankle version. 

You can also purchase them for boys. Both equally cool and stylish.

They can be bought online from both Net a Porter and Mr Porter for £750

Worn this way with jeans or with a feminine floral dress. I know I will be living in these for a long time.

What have you got for Christmas this year?

Do you have your favourite biker boots? If so, I want to know where from?

Thanks for reading!

Please leave me a comment below....I love to read!

See you very soon with more fashion ideas.


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