Friday, 8 February 2013



Yes!! That's it!! Give it some with your big shoulder pads and pin stripped trousers. 

Whether it is 'The Great Gatsby' that's coming soon to cinema's here in the UK, David Gandy, or the boys from Made in Chelsea, the boating look has always been a winner in my eyes.

Slick, stylish and sexy this style is classic Ralph Lauren which must always be donned.

Get the look
Ralph Lauren vintage blazer, shirt Gap, trousers vintage men's Reiss, shoes Nike Air Force One's

Reiss doesn't stock these pinstripe trousers anymore sadly, but you could wear the Ralp Lauren blazer with any jeans...a lighter colour would be my preferred choice. A light blue, a white or cream. Also, it looks very sophisticated worn over a simple elegant dress in the evening. So much can be done with this classic piece! 

How would you like to wear yours?

Please take a look at my video I shot for a closer look at the outfit:

My Youtube channel:

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