Monday, 12 November 2012

Nicole Ritchie The Fashion Designer

Winter Kate and House Of Harlow 1960 Press Day

If you haven't got the hang of Twitter yet or you're still  being stubborn and resisting to conforming then you must read this.

I was invited personally via Twitter to take a look at the Nicole Ritchie's S/S 2013 (new) collection. Obviously I was in.

I had heard about her collection launching back in 2009 but it just hasn't been in my fashion radar. However, with a personal invite sent my way and the chance to preview the collection before any other fool I jumped at the chance.

Here are some snaps from the event

I was so desperate to try that I sneaked to the loo to take some shots of me in a few of my favourite pieces.
Like this cream, suede jacket- CUTE! Luckily for me there wasn't too many awkward people around watching me change.

There are some of the bags. I always go black but I do love the cheeky green snake skin making an appearance in the front. What a beaut.

I can never get enough sunglasses!! What, you think these are BIG?

I clocked this grey jumpsuit when I first walked in. It's adorable and even more so with this suede jacket. As soon as the weather gets a bit friendlier I'm getting me one of these! With Doc Martins?? Yes, please.

WOW. This gorgeous trouser suit is so on trend.  One trouser suit to go please!
Boho to the max!I feel like J-LO in this.

The fabric was so soft! I was thinking.... the shirt is relatively sophisticated which I think means I can get away with wearing these shorts around town......right?

Here's how I like to wear Winter Kate at home....

Sunglasses Asos, leather jacket vintage, scarf Winter Kate, dress Winter Kate, pumps Senso

Photos taken by me's definitely me.  I teamed up Winter Kate with my own bits to make this part of my signature style. I don't mind the low-plunging neck line as the dress has a relaxed feel and it's not too tight which makes it less provocative!  However ladies, tit tape is essential.

I never know my plans for the evening so I am a big fan of an outfit I can wear in the day and take through with me to the night time.

Also, I would love this dress for the beach! Oh, I need a reality check. I am not going to be near a beach anytime soon. Let's hope next summer I will see one!

Winter Kate SS 2013 conclusion; it's a yes from me.

What do you think?

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  1. looks like an exciting day out x

  2. I Love Nicole Richie so much

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