Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Get Your Christmas Dress! Ranking of the high street

With Christmas just over a month away, the shops are filling up fast with all the sparkles, colours and glitz they can muster. 

I'm already reading about what to wear, how to wear it and when to wear it at Christmas and it's making me a little bit twitchy. 

Like most of us girls we want to get our hands on the best out there and getting it right the first time is essential. With so much to choose from on the high street I thought I should do the honourable thing and source out what's worth it and whats not! 

Cut out the average and the just plain rubbish. We haven't got time for any for that. We know that it's a desperate sprint to the finish line, sequins at the ready!

Speaking of a fast sprint, I'm running low in energy reserves because I've been focusing on the  necessary tasks such as party planning and festive blogging (obviously).   

Anyway, enough excuses. If you like fashion and LOVE to party here are the top high street Christmas Dresses you need to get your hands on before December 25th! That's 6 weeks from today! Crikey. 

French Connection

Facts: Not cheap. But so sparkly and lush

Ranking: Number 1!!

Price £195

Ranking: Number 2


Ranking: Number 3

Price: £155

Ranking: Number 4

Price: £120

Marks and Spencer

Facts: Unlikely source, surprisingly good finds. 

Don't be a creature of habit. Check out what's in store now..... you'll be such a smug little Christmas elf!

 Price: £59

H & M

Facts: Alway reliable.

You know what you are getting and are always up to date with current trends. Very reasonably priced too. Perfect for the Christmas drought. 

Ranking: Number 1!!

Price: £39.99

Ranking: Number 2

Price: shirt £29.99 and skirt £29.99

Ranking: Number 3

Price: Top £19.99 and short £19.99

What are you excited about most for Christmas?

Have you found any high street Christmas dresses yet? I want to hear about them!

More to come.....so watch this space.

Happy shopping!

London Model Citizen x


  1. That M&S dress is such a good find! I'm a big lover of contrasting textiles such as the sheer and the velvet and it looks so good there.



  2. you look like a right christmas cracker..... lots of bling and shiny bits x

  3. Love the peblum skirts! They are so flattering!


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