Friday, 30 November 2012

Changing Room Secrets; Maison Margiela

I went  into my local H&M and barricaded the changing room with all the Maison Martin Margiela clothes from the rails I could hold over both arms. It felt so good!

Here are some Iphone snaps of my favourite pieces. Worth going to check out if you haven't done so already or if you are like me and have done so and want to go back again then do it! It's the right thing to do.
My favourite! I love this outfit. So sneaky it looks like I'm wearing just a little bra....hehe. And the shoes are incredible with a glass heel!
This stretchy, tight, lycra top has an Egyptian themed print and is very cool. The jeans are painted white! Very crispy and extremely hard to get on and off! The sizing is a little on the small side.
Here it is up close. Look at the pattern!
I couldn't work out how to tie this top but regardless, it felt amazing on. I want this for summer too.
There's a skirt to go with this top! Its just as silky and goes to the floor. I am imaging this with biker boots and a biker jacket.....hmm an idea for a post!
This top/dress thingy could work with some biker boots and leggings or without leggings depending on how brave you are feeling. I like the looseness of it. Not sure to buy it though
Why didn't I buy this!! Regreting it badly.
Should I or shouldn't I? This criss- cross pattern will only be cool for a short while. I need to invest my money wisely today....
Stiff leather jacket, can't move my arms properly. Cut away on the shoulders and love the colour but I prefer my vintage leather....
Love these!! They remind me of the Isabel Marrant trainers but these are cooler and not so obvious. Must buy.

Christmas Gift Idea Number 2: Embellished Shirts

Here's a round up of my favourite  embellished shirts on the high street to make your Christmas shopping easier.

 Urban Outfitters £42
Review: A good fit in the length of body and sleeves. Love the shape of the collar and subtle use of jewels at the collar tips. It has a cowgirl theme, which I like.

 Urban Outfitters  £40
Review: this loose, silk sleeveless shirt has unique triangular studs on the collar, which I really like. Cool to have sleeveless, quite rocky. It is a bit see-through so be smart about your underwear.
 Marks and Spencer's  £35
Review: a green silk shirt with sequins on the shoulders and wrists. Hangs nicely and I like the simpleness of the details. Doubtful the colour is everyones cup of tea.  Good price and you can guarantee not many people will be wearing it as it is unique.
Marks and Spencer's  £35
Review: a white silk shirt with sequinned details on the shoulders and wrists. Again a cute and simple design. An alternative colour to wear than the green above. 
New Look  £24.99
Review: A soft denim shirt with gold studs on the shoulders. I love this loose fitted, relaxed denim shirt and it hangs well. Perfect with a pair of blue denim jeans. I prefer to wear the sleeves rolled up and the collar undone for a more informal look. I like the pockets on the front too.

You have to pick one of these up as a Christmas gift asap!

I think these embellished shirts have that little something else to what would normally be 'just another shirt' making them perfect for presents for your girlfriend, sister, mum and aunt etc. You name it, there are different styles for all ages.

It's all about collars at the moment, so be sure to do up all those buttons on your shirts to really make the most of the shape of the collar.


Christmas Cashmere

It's a real treat to see the sun and be outside  without a coat in November!

Cashmere makes me think of Christmas as does sequins , so let's get in the Christmas spirit! Not long to go now!

And now for the important bit!!

Get the look

Look 1
100% cashmere jumper Madeleine Thompson
Hat Zephyr, 'The Z hat'
Jeans are boyfriends American Apparell,
Trainers Margiela for H&M

Look 2
100% cashmere sequinned hat  Madeleine Thompson
100% cashmere jumper, Madeleine Thompson
Jeans Serfontaine
Belt vintage H&M
Vintage DM shoes from a car boot sale

Look 3
100% cashmere hat Madeleine Thompson
100% cashmere jumper Madeleine Thompson
Trainers Margiela for H&M
It's quite difficult to navigate around Wordpress. Visually I prefer it but if I'm honest it seems to be taking a bit longer to add the photos and put them in the right order....I'm sure like everything with practice I will find it easier.

Thank you for reading.

For more cashmere looks please see this recent post of mine.

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Christmas Gift Idea Number 1: Logo tops

 Topshop 'Owww' logo t shirt
Pro's: Slightly looser than the 'Geek' t shirt, which feels more comfortable for me. Love the pink wording against the blue. Nice rolled up sleeves
 Topshop 'Geek' logo t- shirt
Pro's: Love the blue and white together, and like the placement and font of the lettering. The rolled up short sleeves add a nice touch and make it very cute.
 Urban Outfitters
Pro's: Simple and stylish logo. Has the 90's vibe, very edgy and 'street'. It's my favourite colour, black. I can wear this with anything, so a good investment.
H&M logo vest top
Pro's : Simple use of colour and print. I like the white and black together, and it's hangs nice and loose. Is perfect to wear with jeans and a pair of biker boots. Very me. Such a good price it doesn't matter if I only wear it a few times and never again!

I have been living in slight denial about the time left until Christmas. I hadn't seem it come around until wham! It hit me smack,bang in the face today. There's fake snow on Bond St?! Christmas lights everywhere I turn, in every shop window and not to mention the faux fern trees and little santa's giving me the stare.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I love the build up to Christmas! I never get to celebrate as much as this...ever! And it's not even my birthday! Jesus Christ! Yes, it's him! He's responsible for us staying out late in the week and waking up with a headache and feeling ok about it because, "Everyones doing it....What's the 'ish? "

To make things easy for you I have come up with a series of ideas for presents and will be uploading them daily, so be sure to follow by email or go to Bloglovin and follow 'thelondonmodelcitizen' there!

I hope you enjoyed the first in my series of "Christmas Gifts Ideas". Logo tops; ideal for any of your friends, your girlfriend, your sister, your cousin, teacher...? They are fun and adorable and really quite cool. They wont break the bank either!

What are you filling up your stockings with this 


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Get Jingling; The Top 5 Christmas Jumpers!

Pro's: Good quality, soft to touch. Good fit; tight on arms and nice length to it. My favourite design.

 Urban Outfitters
Pro's: With the main colour being navy blue, it is slightly more low key than the other jumpers. Very sweet pattern and an added touch around the wrist.

Pro's: There are an array of different colours to choose from, this was my favourite. A gorgeous design, very typical of Gap. Great fit;tight on the arms and wrist and nice short length. Soft to touch and reasonable price. You may feel like one of the Gap kids in the adverts.
Pro's: Affordable, good fit on the arms but a bit baggy around the bottom (you get what you pay for). The most Christmassy colour and design; I feel like a Christmas cracker.

Marks & Spencer
Pro's: I love the reindeer on the front; so sweet. Great fit, good length and very soft. Warm use of colour, very complimentary. Good cost, my favourite on the high street.

We all know that Christmas is not Christmas without a bit of festive fashion fun! It just gets us in the mood and why not, we wait all year for it to come we might as well go all out and dress for the occassion.
The high street has really surpassed itself this year so relax, you don't have to worry about feeling awkward in one. I promise!

Christmas has just got a lot more fashionable....!

What are you most excited about for Christmas?

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Zest Up Your Wardrobe; Orange is back

It is pretty amazing what wearing a colour can do to your moood. I have had that sluggish Sunday feeling for most of the morning but I forced myself to snap out of it and do a sunday blog post for my lovely readers.

I bought this orange vintage dress from my top vintage shop in town.  Those of you who have seen my 'How to shop at my favourite vintage shop' video would know where to find it.

I am guessing the dress is from the 1960's, possibly the 1970's and it has a gorgeous tie around the back. It has made an appearance in my 'Getting dressed in vintage' home made video.

My Nike Lunareclipse trainers have a cushioned and raised instep,  making walking around town extremely easy and they have an orange sole!  A match made in heaven.
This season's trend is warm and vibrant and adds some well needed brightness to your winter wardrobe.

Here are some selections to choose from Asos to get you started.

TIP: You can always start off with an orange lipstick or nail polish for just a hint of colour

What do you think of this trend?

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Swings 'n Tings

Good Monday everyone!!

How are we?

I'm feeling quite content today because my weekend was exactly what I wanted it to be;  Friday night socialising, Saturday morning coffee and papers in bed and looking at my favourite blogs on Bloglovin,  Sunday shooting photo's outside in the sunshine and Sunday evening 'Homeland' and 'Crickley house'.

I also have the new series of 'Peep Show' saved on record tonight....I can hardly contain my excitement!

Finally I got to use the swings for a blog post!  I was thankful the sun was out and there weren't any cues..!
I thought the Trapstar jumper and shirt together make the outfit quite preppie; now you get the swings idea?
Trapstar is a local brand, up on Portobello Road and everyone around here wears it. It's worth taking a look at the collection online, it's all pretty cool and Rihanna and Cara Delevigne are big fans too.
The denim skirt is from Sienna Miller's Twenty8twelve and the round collared shirt, Hobbs.
You can see my Nike trainers up close in my previous post.
The floral jeans are J Brand.

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