Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Cashmere

It's a real treat to see the sun and be outside  without a coat in November!

Cashmere makes me think of Christmas as does sequins , so let's get in the Christmas spirit! Not long to go now!

And now for the important bit!!

Get the look

Look 1
100% cashmere jumper Madeleine Thompson
Hat Zephyr, 'The Z hat'
Jeans are boyfriends American Apparell,
Trainers Margiela for H&M

Look 2
100% cashmere sequinned hat  Madeleine Thompson
100% cashmere jumper, Madeleine Thompson
Jeans Serfontaine
Belt vintage H&M
Vintage DM shoes from a car boot sale

Look 3
100% cashmere hat Madeleine Thompson
100% cashmere jumper Madeleine Thompson
Trainers Margiela for H&M
It's quite difficult to navigate around Wordpress. Visually I prefer it but if I'm honest it seems to be taking a bit longer to add the photos and put them in the right order....I'm sure like everything with practice I will find it easier.

Thank you for reading.

For more cashmere looks please see this recent post of mine.

See you tomorrow for more from...

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