Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Flowers and Cheques; Adanna Model Citizen

My style is inspired from everyone that I meet, from all areas of London and all walks of life. That's why I'm going to post a series of pictures from inspiring individuals, showcasing their style- in- an- outfit through the lens.

I hope you like it as  much as I do! 
Thanks to everyone who has offered to help out and be my gorgeous 'model citizen's' for this series. 



This is Adanna, a 24 year old Notting Hill girl. She lives with her boyfriend, John and they met at the University of Essex where she studied English Lit. She now works as a directors representative at Weilands and Mistress production company.

Adanna shaves her head with an electric razor using her left hand (she is left handed). "The trick is to use two mirrors, one in the front and one behind and keep it in check every couple of weeks" says Adanna.

She is a big fan of online shopping, as she hates other people in her space. She says, "I prefer online as it's easier to try things on at home and I can quickly return them if they don't fit me, rather than standing in a line again."  Her most recent favourite online shop is 'Revolve Clothing' and for great sales, 'Amelie Boutique'.

Her flowery dress is from 'Revolve', which she stalked from another blog. First seeing it there then tracing it back to where it was from. She loved it so much but waited until it went on sale and bought it for £100.

Her boots are Doc Martin and her tights are from Wolford which she says are now old and gross as she had no space in her wardrobe, "Hence the ladders and holes".

She has a tattoo on the back of her shoulder that she got seven years ago from a tattoo parlour in Covent Garden. She is going to all the way France to get her new one.

Her gold chain is from gogophilip.com and she has 7 ear piercings, all pierced with real gold earrings because she is allergic to fake.

She wears white nail varnish which she loves but her friends think it makes her look like a naughty school girl and that she should be in detention with it. 

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