Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Party! Go Green Glamour!

Get the look
Outfit: Dress Camilla and Marc, shoes Laboutin, gold clip on earrings vintage.
Hair: rolled up with a bobby pin fastened at the back and two front bits left out.
Make up: Red lipstick Bourjois 'Sweet Kiss', mascara YSL, Blusher YSL 'creme de blush'
TIP: Add some red nail polish especially for Christmas 

And here is my Youtube DIY beauty video to get the make up and hair for this look:

Now for your comments!

Thank you.

thelondonmodelcitizen xxxxxx

Here is the beauty video below:


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous.

    You look ridiculously glamorous, like an old school filmstar.

    Love this look on you.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous - festive green, red lips...quirky shoes - thank you for the ideas.


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