Sunday, 23 December 2012

I Love To Rock A Bit Of Polka Dot

It may be cold outside but nothing can stop me wearing this polka dot vintage dress with my worn out pink converse.....


Get the look
Hat supreme
Cardigan vintage
Polka dot dress vintage
Fish net ankle socks American Apparel
Sunglasses Asos
Coat Barbour
You can Shop online for the perfect polka dot dress and at an affordable price here:

Asos collection
Topshop has this cute dress
Boohoo has this playsuit
Net a Porter on SALE. Do you like this?
More from Net a Porter 

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Not much longer until Christmas!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Vintage Dressing Table

Ever wondered what its like to truly escape from the world and step into a place of luxury and romance?  

I have come to the conclusion that every girl should have her own private space in her flat where she can store all of her trinkets and prepare herself for the day ahead. A girl should be able to peacefully apply her make up. She needs an attractive area to keep her beauty products, display her perfume bottles and love notes from friends and family and sacred pictures, that all paint a picture of her life. 

There needs to be some calm before the storm. We have all been there, those times when we tried to apply make up in the steamed up bathroom after our shower, leaning into the mirror only to be nearly headbutting it as we sway back and forth. We deserve more than that. On our living room sofa with a broken hand held mirror using an inch of daylight we were lucky enough to be blessed with. It just won't do anymore.

I found my vintage dressing table on Ebay about 10 years ago and it has travelled with me from flat to flat. Even in the tiny studio I once rented, with me came my dressing table.

I remember as a child my mother sitting on an olive green velvet cushioned stool in front of her dressing table mirror, applying her lipstick and blow drying her hair . There were all these photos under the glass of my dad and her when they were young. I used to sit on the floor next to her and explore her drawers with trepidation,  unknowingly, excited to see what lay inside. It was so wondrous. So glamorous, so feminine. I admired her in her effortless beauty. I dreamt of the same.

The black and white picture is my grandma when she was my age on the beach on brigton. My grandfather took that. The 'I heart NG' card was made by Sam for Valentines one year. The flowered lights were from a shop locally to me. They give the room such a warm ambience.

I keep notes and pictures under the glass to protect them but also to have them out so I can look at them each day and remind myself how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family.

A view from above. I keep my face creams and body lotions in this cute vintage inspired metal tray. As you can see all my photos are under the glass like my mother used to do. They are all symbolic and remind me of good times.

That's my mum in the picture above Sam when she was on her honeymoon. She is eating lobster with her hands. The picture on the right beside it is Sam and I when were first met drinking rose in the garden of his mothers house in the English countryside. My Miranda Hart book I recently bought and have read a few chapters of. I love her. The 'love you' note with the big yellow heart was made by my best friend Alicia and she posted it along with a pair of amazing Senso shoes when she was in Australia. I studied a Buddhism and mediation course at my local Buddhist centre for a few months last year. Next to the picture of Sam is a card from there. I keep it under the glass to remind myself of what I learnt and how it feels to be in that calm space.

A few perfume bottles. I don't use them much now, they are mainly for display as I think the pink bottles are rather pretty. 

This clock was hand made by my neighbour, Anna, upstairs. I love the heart stickers. That's Sam and I when we first met, kissing.  I love candles...the cute flower candles were given to me by Sam. I haven't used them yet as they are so beautiful. I don't think I even will.

I used to work as a presenter at MTV and was given this MTV sticker when I hosted live at Camden's Koko for an MTV event. Tinnie Tempah was performing and I got to hang out with him backstage. 

I love Jivamukti Yoga. It's a place where I feel serene and it is always a good reminder for me when I look at it each morning

A pretty valentines card from Sam.

My mothers flower china ring box. And yes this is too where I keep my rings.

There isn't much space between my dressing table and our bed so its always a squeeze getting from one side of the bed to the other. I continually bash my knees!
I don't care that my bedroom is too small for the dressing table, I love it and will stay with me forever.

Here is a few online places where you can easily purchase a vintage dressing table for yourself!

Christmas is round the corner I think this is the perfect choice for your Christmas wish list!!

Second hand website Prelove

Car boot sales are a good place to find second hand things so why not explore that route too!

Do you have a dressing table?
If yes, what do you keep in yours?

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Little Black Dress

This is how I wear my LBD....


Always a time and a place for the little black dress (LBD). A girl should always have an LBD stored away in her wardrobe for a party, dinner, evening out with friends....any occasion really. It's so simple and understated to wear a LBD and you can dress it up with heels or rock it down (like I always do ) with a pair of cowboy boots, biker boots or as I have done in this picture, with a pair of Senso's.

 This LBD dress was given to me by my Auntie a few months back. It's from the 70's and I love the cut away slits on the side with the added piece of plastic sewn at the mid-rift for detail.

The pink leather jacket is a vintage Moschino that my other auntie kindly gave to me. She has a whole collection of 80's pieces that she just doesn't wear anymore (perfect for me).

TIP: Don't be afraid to mix up high street with vintage from any era. It can make any vintage outfit look more modern.

The shoes are Senso and the fish net ankle socks are from American Apparel.

The chunky silver chain I picked up from a charity shop.

The lipstick is 'Media' by Mac and nail varnish is 'Vertigo' by Chanel.

Don't is wear you can get your LBD at a reasonable price and they are CUTE!

How do you wear your LBD?

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Let's Go Behind The Scenes

Hey y'all!

I just got back from a few days away shooting in the Austrian Alps for a German lingerie magazine.

Here is what happened...

A view from the castle where we were staying in the mountains of Austria. This small building is a chapel where there was wedding taking place all happening at the same time as out lingerie photo shoot. Awkward timing.

Anna, the lovely make up artist from Germany and the gorgeous model Barbarra Tous from Barcelona
In the hair and make up room AKA the bathroom at a ridiculous hour in the morning
This was our changing area, on the second floor full of vintage shoes, hats, jewellery. My favourite place to chill and post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
This was the first shot of the day, just having a quick breather before the next change.
On set with the rest of the crew. The stylist, Sybille wears the purple hat. The two guys at the back holding the rug is the client on the right and the photographers assistant is on the right. They have more than one job as you can see from the picture.
I look like a scared cat in this picture.
A Hisptamatic print from one of the shots. This was my favourite shot as I got to sit down and wear thick socks! 

Vintage D&G shoes were gorgeous, and so was this 4 poster bed. If I can just lay down my head for a second...
Just chilling with my metal beer jug and my trilby... obviously.

Some of the props that were used. They wanted to make it like we were hunters... I have never used a gun before. i clearly thought I was really cool in this picture, however, the gun was actually a lot heavier than I thought and I was incredibly uncomfortable holding it... best not to play with guns.
 I wore my Nike Air Force Ones for the entire trip. Warm and comfortable with added style.

 After the shoot ended, I travelled 4 hours in a mini bus back to Munich airport and took a 2 hour plane ride and 20 minute train journey back to my home, jumped into my bed and fell fast asleep.


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