Saturday, 15 December 2012

Let's Go Behind The Scenes

Hey y'all!

I just got back from a few days away shooting in the Austrian Alps for a German lingerie magazine.

Here is what happened...

A view from the castle where we were staying in the mountains of Austria. This small building is a chapel where there was wedding taking place all happening at the same time as out lingerie photo shoot. Awkward timing.

Anna, the lovely make up artist from Germany and the gorgeous model Barbarra Tous from Barcelona
In the hair and make up room AKA the bathroom at a ridiculous hour in the morning
This was our changing area, on the second floor full of vintage shoes, hats, jewellery. My favourite place to chill and post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
This was the first shot of the day, just having a quick breather before the next change.
On set with the rest of the crew. The stylist, Sybille wears the purple hat. The two guys at the back holding the rug is the client on the right and the photographers assistant is on the right. They have more than one job as you can see from the picture.
I look like a scared cat in this picture.
A Hisptamatic print from one of the shots. This was my favourite shot as I got to sit down and wear thick socks! 

Vintage D&G shoes were gorgeous, and so was this 4 poster bed. If I can just lay down my head for a second...
Just chilling with my metal beer jug and my trilby... obviously.

Some of the props that were used. They wanted to make it like we were hunters... I have never used a gun before. i clearly thought I was really cool in this picture, however, the gun was actually a lot heavier than I thought and I was incredibly uncomfortable holding it... best not to play with guns.
 I wore my Nike Air Force Ones for the entire trip. Warm and comfortable with added style.

 After the shoot ended, I travelled 4 hours in a mini bus back to Munich airport and took a 2 hour plane ride and 20 minute train journey back to my home, jumped into my bed and fell fast asleep.


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  1. Thank you Natasha for sharing beautiful pictures from your shoot with us :) Can we know the name of that German lingerie magazine?


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