Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I have an obsession........and it's not Tom Cruise

I have a problem.
I keep drooling over sunglasses. Walking past the Ray Ban shop regretting not going in. Or actually going in to the Ray ban shop, trying on the ones I'm drooling about from the window and then walking right out again. 

I grumble to myself, "It's not summer, and it's hardly ever sunny in England. I nearly always end up loosing them. So, what's the point in sunglasses??

I shall tell you why. Each individual pair of sunglasses is for a different look, whatever time of year. They are the  'piece de resistance'. The final product. They add closure to the outfit. 

They aren't just for fashion either. They serve a highly practical reason too. Like all those mornings when you weren't feeling your best (...hungover? ), sunglasses came to the rescue.  And when you  shed a small tear. Again... sunnies. Didn't want to make eye contact in a meeting? I rest my case.

And  they don't have to cost you a fortune...the high street does some wonderful copies that you would be a fool to miss.

Before you go out on a mad shopping spree after reading this post (of course you will) please take a look at some of my nice (and not so nice) sunglasses for a bit of fashion inspiration.  

What I WANT:

Miu Miu's pink glitter sunglasses are my this seasons dream.

What I actually HAVE:

The John Lenon's'

I found these iconic 60's sunglasses in a charity shop near my parents. I'm almost certain they have been worn by a certain someone from a certain very cool band in the 60's. Certain.


.....See the resemblance?

The 'cat-eyed'

I found these Monroe 1940' s 'flick sunglasses' in a  vintage shop and I couldn't believe my luck. I can't say I have worn them yet.  

Ray Bans

An old favourite. A safe bet. Everyone is familiar with this brand and you won't get too many stares. You may even get a few compliments. The only problem is you know someone else will be wearing them and it might not be someone very cool. Like your dad. Or your grandad. (my grandad is very cool though).


The 'Library Chic'

They are saying, "I'm intelligent. I'm a bit of a dork. But am also a bit naughty." You get the gist.


Very trendy, very street. Whatever anyone says about these it doesnt matter. These are officially cool, they are from Berlin. And do you know what that means??! It means cool. End of.

The 'wacky option'

Not a clever option. You might pull these out at the end of a night at a house party becuae you cant bear anyone to look at you (more so the other way round) but the ironic thing is everyone is definitely looking at you with these on. Never a good idea. In fact, I need to chuck these

The 'I don't know whose these are' 

We all have those lying around the flat. We woke up one morning to find them sitting on our coffee table, staring up at us with a naughty twinkle in the lens. We don't know how they managed to end up here but we secretly are happy about it.

Pictures of myself taken by me. Other pictures from unknown sources. Thanks Google!
The End

What are you favourite glasses this season?

I would love to hear.

What are your favourites?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wearing Animal (without killing any)

Rooaaarrrrr!! Now, now, lets not go over board with this trend. 

When I typed in 'animal prints fashion' into Google a whole series of links came up. From Vogue, to Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour the list goes on.

I've been exploring the jungle theme for a good few years now. Getting in touch with my feline femininity has been great and I'm happy (little smug) to see the catwalks have caught on.

So, as a woman who is slightly ahead of the game (cough cough) here are some of my TIPS for checking in to London Zoo.

1) The key is to NOT rock your lion, cheetah, zebra etc prints all at the same time. It's not fancy dress.

2) Add some sophistication. Try mixing this trend with a blazer or some simple black heels. Unless of course you manage to find a leopard print jumpsuit then you can forget that tip!!

3) The simpler the better. A simple animal print vest top or skirt adds just the right amount and worn with a heavy knit cream or black jumper would be so cute!

4) ALWAYS try vintage if you can.

5) If you're not a vintage girl then H&M has lots to choose from.

Take a look  below at how I wear animal prints in my first outside shoot!!

Watch out for some of the highlighted words with links to websites and stockists!

Look at the autumn leaves!

The Vintage Leopard Jumpsuit

This vintage jumpsuit is the ultimate comfy one-piece that I bought. There are stirrups in the legs but I choose not to put my feet through (rebel) instead I have worn some red cashmere socks with my gorgeous new Senso shoes. Senso is my favourite shoe brand and you can find them here.

The Leopard Vintage Velvet Skirt (Portobello Road)

Ok, I know I'm giving it a bit of leg in these shots but I wanted to show you these really cool tights I have. They are 'Pretty Polly' and look like hold ups but aren't (good for the colder months or climbing down the fire escape...). Check out the website, there are some really cool animal print ones!!! 

The shoes are vintage D&G and the shirt is vintage. The blazer is Zara. I love Zara for blazers, suits and shirts. TIP: You could wear this look with a plain black vest top/t shirt if you preferred or black converse to make it more casual.

The Cheetah Playsuit

Worn with my leather jacket and Senso leopard pumps.

Photos taken by me. 

How do you wear your animal prints?

Leave your comments below xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

The More You look The More You Learn

I never really have to think too much about getting dressed each day.  I wake up and quickly tune in to how I feel. Usually over my porridge and coffee, reading my favourite fashion blogs.

And my motto goes a little something like this... "I only WEAR it if I LOVE it".

I also like...

Looking Good = Feeling Good (and vice versa)

I do normally feel good. Sprightly and positive. And I can easily picture myself in my look for the day before I finish the last of my oats  (note, one should always have a plan pre entering her wardrobe). 

Obviously, everyone has good and bad days and the bad days always equate to me wearing extremely baggy clothes (usually my boyfriends, a good reason to have one) or I go to the rebellious side and throw on every item of clothing thats black. I like to wear a lot of black when I'm pissed off. Pink just wouldn't cut it....

If I'm lucky and can I love to hibernate, like today. It's that time of the month, so sorry guys I haven't been able to take any picures of my wardrobe today. 

Where was I? Oh yes, it's that I never think too hard about what I am going to wear. 

But recently I discovered that if I know I am giving inspiration and joy from my outfits then why not show off my outfits more ( maybe with a little more thought about it) and put the pictures on HERE.

Then I'm not dressing soley for me....but for others too. Share the love a bit.

So, there's more style and inspiritation to come. Just keep following thelondonmodelcitizen for new posts. 

I promise to keep the love coming,

thelondonmodelcitizen xx

PS. Here is a sneaky peak at my post for tomorrow; Animal Prints.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Guide to Jackets. The 6 jackets you cant live without this Winter. Or any Winter in fact. And you will save the pennies too!!!

The Parka Jacket
Forever rearing its fur lined head, the parka has been something of a statement since the early 90's. I had one then and I have one again now. Bought  mine from Carnaby St but you can get these original artefacts online from Ebay or any other distributers. They're HUGE. But incredibly warm and authentic. I'd go for the real deal if you can fork out the cash (costs av. £100). Think Liam Gallagher and All Saints.

The brown jacket
This is Miu Miu from about 5 years ago, bought in the Selfridges sale, of what a bargain!( It was well worth the cueing on Boxing day!!) This colour is to die for its very Autumnal and goes with jeans so well. This shade of brown is quite light but you can go for a deep, dark brown too. Think colours of the the fallen leaves in Autumn.....I would wear all those colours this season.

The Vintage Barbour
This is my boyfriends mum's. But you can pick these up at the end of Portobello Road in a little second hand shop that specialises in coats. I like to turn up the sleeves and keep it open to show off the trademark Barbour checkered lining. What a show off...

The trench coat
A star in the wardrobe. I have had my Burberry woollen trench for 4 years now (it was my Christmas present from my very generous bf) and I wear it all the time with everything. It suits both day and evening and can be worn tied up for a smarter look or open for a more casual and cooler feel. You don't have to wear designer you can pick these up in most high st stores. My favourite's for the trench are Zara, Topshop or Reiss.

 The Fur (or faux) Jacket 
Ah...the fur. A subject of dispute amongst most. I, however, love this vintage Guess fur jacket that I bought about 10 years ago. The zip is broken and its quite small but I don't care. I think fur looks better a bit rough around the edges (I def wouldn't buy a brand new fur. Def cant afford it either!). The scruffier you can look wearing fur the better. Leave your hair messy and don't bother with any heavy make up. You will be swinging towards the 40's or would look, in my eyes, way to glamour puss. The coloured vintage furs are amazing...grey, brown, dark purple...I would def invest in one of those for those blistery colds January nights.
All photos taken by myself. Yes, me. With my trusted tripod. In my flat. And I really enjoyed it!

My Favourite. The Leather Jacket
Always need one of these for any time of the year. Make sure you invest in a warm one for Winter- one with a lining and a zip. Mine is a vintage that I have had for over 6 years and isn't terribly warm but I always layer it with a hoodie or a jumper for extra warmth. The leather jacket will NEVER go out of fashion Guaranteed. (Maybe don't hold me to that!!)

The most amazing thing about these jackets is that once you invest in them you wont need to buy again for a long long time. Look how long I have had mine for! I just dust of the cob webs and wear them year after year! Let's be smart about fashion.

Happy Hunting!!

London Model Citizen xxxxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I love GRUNGE GIRL. Hot look this season. Doesn't have to be hard work and costly - you can get this look from your wardrobe. Just need to know the tricks. You need to be a bit of a fan of leather, the colour black and heavy eyeliner not to mention skulls and crosses... ok?? Don't worry, you won't look too frightening....

Black leather jacket is vintage but any heavy, worn leather jacket will work. Tip: Ask your dad or your boyfriend if they have one stored away. If not the vintage shop have loads. I've got on a lot of jewellery- mainly black beaded necklaces with skulls on. And a skull chain earring. Go for anything which resembles death! Crosses are perfect for this look too. Silver or gold. Your choice. Any t shirt could be worn underneath. Black or white. The main grunge accessory here is the leather jacket if you can get that then you're half way there.
Tip: This vintage leather skirt goes well with a loose fitted t-shirt or black bodice. You could even wear a bra-top if you're brave enough (I have been known to rock this look a few times). Wear deep purple or red lipstick and nail polish. Heavy eye liner and you could add a beauty spot near your lips if you are brave enough!
Tip: wear the jacket over your shoulder loosely instead or putting your arms through- looks very nonchalant and has a cooler feel to it.
Tip: Wooly hats are so cool this season. Leave your hair down or put it all in the hat for a more boyish look. Both work.
Tip: You can wear heels or put on some DM'S. Mine are red but vintage so they look a bit battered. You could wear some thick black socks pulled up and scrunched down.
This is a sheer dress from H&M worn with a vintage leather waist coat. I wore my hair to one side and a long chain skull gold earring.  Search your wardrobe for anything black!!

Hope this helps.

Just in time for Halloween too!

thelondonmodelcitzen  xxxx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Go Bohemian....

Here is a look at some of my Boho clothes. The trick with Boho is to leave your hair messy, don't  bother straightening. I  bet it's so kooky and sexy if you let it dry naturally. Think about the 70's hair style- it was big if it was blow-dried. But seeing as we want to make the Boho look more contemporary I wouldn't blow dry either(I promise you boys go mad for bed head hair!!).

Very little make up and LOT of jewellery and accessories. You can go wrong with feather earings, headscarfsbeads on your wrists and ankles and gold bangles for your arms. Add a splash of colour to nails and add a toe ring if you can!

Get the Look
This vintage jumpsuit I have had for years! I always bring it out come rain and shine. Bought from 'Beyond Retro' on Carnaby St' W1 you can wear this with some chunky army boots or simple black pumps. I would keep the shoes black as there is already a lot of colour going on. The white feather earrings are H&M, black feather earring Elmstone. Heart pendant necklace charity shop. Tip: Don't be shy with the accessories.

Get The Look
I love to wear white if I'm going Boho. This white silk slip is vintage from a shop in buenos Aires, the white lace dress vintage and white lace jacket 'Beyond Retro'. Tip: A black biker jacket or leather jacket could be really cool with the soft look.

I wanted to show you what the dress looks like without the jacket too as the sleeves are so pretty.    Tip: It's definitely about wearing a lot of lace with Boho and I kinda like to wear one sleeve slightly off the shoulder sometimes.
Get the Look
I am teaming up an old Zara shirt with this amazing pink ruffled floor length skirt. Tip: You could wear a black or white vest top instead if its hot and shirts aren't really your thing. I like the juxtaposition of clothes; feminine against masculine. Skirt vintage.

Get the look
Ah this cute dress I bought again in a vintage shop and the hat i brought abroad. I just had to add the hat this dress to make it more wearble in London during our cold, winter months. Tip: You could wear this with converse and a leather jacket too. You will still capture the essence of Boho.
Get the Look
This jumpsuit is Topshop and the sequinned cardigan is my grandma's. Go and search your grandmothers wardrobe!! You will be surprised what's in there. The head scarf relaxes this look and adds colour. Tip: If I go for anything sparkly I always wear it down with converse, biker boots or this flowery head scarf...

CLICK HERE for the video of this look

Or watch it here

There you go. Some Boho inspiration to beat the dull, miserable weather outside! Lets lift our moods!

London Model Citizen xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Knits. Its getting that little bit colder now. I can't believe Xmas is round the corner (am I allowed to talk about xmas?)

Get your knitting needles out!! Or just do what I did and get yourself down the high street for some bargain buys. Tip: Have fun with your look and mix up high st with vintage. It keeps it a bit more personal and unique. I would hate to be seen in exactly the same outfit in a bar or club. 

Get the look
Outfit 1: jumper H&M £19.99
jeans vintage Miu Miu
shoes vintage
Outfit 2: jumper French Connection £75
skirt vintage
shoes vintage Hobbs
headscarf vintage
Outfit 3: M&S hat £12.50 and jumper £39.50
jeans vintage Acne
shoes converse

Take a look at some of my vintage dresses....

I love to dress up!!!
Get the look and Tips

Scene 1: Portobello Road, past the bridge, on a Friday, there is a vintage market selling beautiful clothes.
Scene 2'Boo's closet', a second hand shop on Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill. You have to really rummage around in this shop but she has an ecclectic mix of shoes,clothes and jewellery from another time.
Scene 3:My grandma's wardrobe (worrth searching any of your older relatives pad for sentimental pieces.) 
Scene 4: 'Beyond Retro' vintage shop on Carnaby St W1. My favourite vintage shop as its small but selective in what they choose to stock. I always leave here with at least one vintage gem. Tip: Have an idea of what you want before you start to look through the clothes. Its less daunting and that way you can narrow down the search.
Scene 5: Cancer Research, Westbourne Grove. Charity shops are an old haunt of mine since I was a teenager growing up in the suburbs. Tip: Again, a good rummage is needed. I do find that the more affluent areas in London have a better quality of stuff. But you will find the clothes are more it's a catch 22. I always pop in to any charity shop wherever I am in london as you just never know. You would be a fool to walk on by.
Scene 6: 'Beyond Retro' . Tip: Even though this dress is a few sizes too big, the belt pulls it in around the waist. So even if you feel as though the dress is too large, try it on anyway. You can always add a belt to if it doesn't come with one. Or get it taken in. If it's vintage, it's worth it.
Scene 7: 'Retro Clothing' 56 Notting Hill Gate. I don't just shop in Notting Hill! However, it is a good place to start if you are looking for one off vintage pieces. This dress was full of holes and the zip was broken. Bought for just £20 its totally worth fixing it up after you bought it. I often look for the colour I want first before I start rummaging through rails of clothes as this narrows it down and saves time. And then I feel the fabric. The texture is everything. 
Scene 8: Thrift shop, Brooklyn, New York. I went here with my boyfriend a few years back and Brooklyn is full of second hand stroes- a lot of them are huge. Worth the short cab ride over the bridge to check out these places. Tip: If the store is too big, just work one area and come back tomorrow! Better to search one area properly than rush around and miss that perfect piece! i tend to stay away from vintage shoes... I don't like the look of scuffed heels on a pair of worn shoes.

Hope this helps! And remember, pop round and visit your grandparents, befriend those long lost great Aunts and share a pot of tea. And search their wardrobes!! xxxx LondonModelCitizen xxx

It's amazing what one item of clothing can do to the outfit!! This simple fashion item can change the outfit....

I love this item as it's any easy addition to your wardrobe- its so cheap! And you could go for sleeveless, ribbed or stretched. Just pop into Uniqlo, costs £19.99.

Get the look
Outfit 1:Uniqlo polo neck
Skirt vintage
Jacket vintage
glassess Rayban
Outfit 2: Uniqlo polo neck
Jeans vintage
Shoes Senso
Jacket burberry
Outfit 3: Uniqlo polo neck
Joggers Whistles
Blazer vintage
Shoes Nike

High St finds; The Affordable Suit

Bold prints and colours wouldn't normally tickle my fancy but I assure you the trouser suit really works! Don't be shy, go for something you wouldn't normally wear- it will change your mood and remember it's about how you wear it. So, bring the confidence with you.

Get the Look
Outfit 1: Topshop blazer and trouser suit and shirt total £150
brogues vintage
Outfit 2: Urban Outfitters shirt and trousers separately total cost £145
blazer vintage
brogues vintage
Outfit 3: M&S blazer and trouser suit and shirt total £120
brogues vintage

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