Thursday, 25 October 2012

I love GRUNGE GIRL. Hot look this season. Doesn't have to be hard work and costly - you can get this look from your wardrobe. Just need to know the tricks. You need to be a bit of a fan of leather, the colour black and heavy eyeliner not to mention skulls and crosses... ok?? Don't worry, you won't look too frightening....

Black leather jacket is vintage but any heavy, worn leather jacket will work. Tip: Ask your dad or your boyfriend if they have one stored away. If not the vintage shop have loads. I've got on a lot of jewellery- mainly black beaded necklaces with skulls on. And a skull chain earring. Go for anything which resembles death! Crosses are perfect for this look too. Silver or gold. Your choice. Any t shirt could be worn underneath. Black or white. The main grunge accessory here is the leather jacket if you can get that then you're half way there.
Tip: This vintage leather skirt goes well with a loose fitted t-shirt or black bodice. You could even wear a bra-top if you're brave enough (I have been known to rock this look a few times). Wear deep purple or red lipstick and nail polish. Heavy eye liner and you could add a beauty spot near your lips if you are brave enough!
Tip: wear the jacket over your shoulder loosely instead or putting your arms through- looks very nonchalant and has a cooler feel to it.
Tip: Wooly hats are so cool this season. Leave your hair down or put it all in the hat for a more boyish look. Both work.
Tip: You can wear heels or put on some DM'S. Mine are red but vintage so they look a bit battered. You could wear some thick black socks pulled up and scrunched down.
This is a sheer dress from H&M worn with a vintage leather waist coat. I wore my hair to one side and a long chain skull gold earring.  Search your wardrobe for anything black!!

Hope this helps.

Just in time for Halloween too!

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