Friday, 26 October 2012

Guide to Jackets. The 6 jackets you cant live without this Winter. Or any Winter in fact. And you will save the pennies too!!!

The Parka Jacket
Forever rearing its fur lined head, the parka has been something of a statement since the early 90's. I had one then and I have one again now. Bought  mine from Carnaby St but you can get these original artefacts online from Ebay or any other distributers. They're HUGE. But incredibly warm and authentic. I'd go for the real deal if you can fork out the cash (costs av. £100). Think Liam Gallagher and All Saints.

The brown jacket
This is Miu Miu from about 5 years ago, bought in the Selfridges sale, of what a bargain!( It was well worth the cueing on Boxing day!!) This colour is to die for its very Autumnal and goes with jeans so well. This shade of brown is quite light but you can go for a deep, dark brown too. Think colours of the the fallen leaves in Autumn.....I would wear all those colours this season.

The Vintage Barbour
This is my boyfriends mum's. But you can pick these up at the end of Portobello Road in a little second hand shop that specialises in coats. I like to turn up the sleeves and keep it open to show off the trademark Barbour checkered lining. What a show off...

The trench coat
A star in the wardrobe. I have had my Burberry woollen trench for 4 years now (it was my Christmas present from my very generous bf) and I wear it all the time with everything. It suits both day and evening and can be worn tied up for a smarter look or open for a more casual and cooler feel. You don't have to wear designer you can pick these up in most high st stores. My favourite's for the trench are Zara, Topshop or Reiss.

 The Fur (or faux) Jacket 
Ah...the fur. A subject of dispute amongst most. I, however, love this vintage Guess fur jacket that I bought about 10 years ago. The zip is broken and its quite small but I don't care. I think fur looks better a bit rough around the edges (I def wouldn't buy a brand new fur. Def cant afford it either!). The scruffier you can look wearing fur the better. Leave your hair messy and don't bother with any heavy make up. You will be swinging towards the 40's or would look, in my eyes, way to glamour puss. The coloured vintage furs are amazing...grey, brown, dark purple...I would def invest in one of those for those blistery colds January nights.
All photos taken by myself. Yes, me. With my trusted tripod. In my flat. And I really enjoyed it!

My Favourite. The Leather Jacket
Always need one of these for any time of the year. Make sure you invest in a warm one for Winter- one with a lining and a zip. Mine is a vintage that I have had for over 6 years and isn't terribly warm but I always layer it with a hoodie or a jumper for extra warmth. The leather jacket will NEVER go out of fashion Guaranteed. (Maybe don't hold me to that!!)

The most amazing thing about these jackets is that once you invest in them you wont need to buy again for a long long time. Look how long I have had mine for! I just dust of the cob webs and wear them year after year! Let's be smart about fashion.

Happy Hunting!!

London Model Citizen xxxxx

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  1. love the introduction to jackets and jumpers.... easy to follow and such wonderful ideas thanks so much


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