Monday, 29 October 2012

The More You look The More You Learn

I never really have to think too much about getting dressed each day.  I wake up and quickly tune in to how I feel. Usually over my porridge and coffee, reading my favourite fashion blogs.

And my motto goes a little something like this... "I only WEAR it if I LOVE it".

I also like...

Looking Good = Feeling Good (and vice versa)

I do normally feel good. Sprightly and positive. And I can easily picture myself in my look for the day before I finish the last of my oats  (note, one should always have a plan pre entering her wardrobe). 

Obviously, everyone has good and bad days and the bad days always equate to me wearing extremely baggy clothes (usually my boyfriends, a good reason to have one) or I go to the rebellious side and throw on every item of clothing thats black. I like to wear a lot of black when I'm pissed off. Pink just wouldn't cut it....

If I'm lucky and can I love to hibernate, like today. It's that time of the month, so sorry guys I haven't been able to take any picures of my wardrobe today. 

Where was I? Oh yes, it's that I never think too hard about what I am going to wear. 

But recently I discovered that if I know I am giving inspiration and joy from my outfits then why not show off my outfits more ( maybe with a little more thought about it) and put the pictures on HERE.

Then I'm not dressing soley for me....but for others too. Share the love a bit.

So, there's more style and inspiritation to come. Just keep following thelondonmodelcitizen for new posts. 

I promise to keep the love coming,

thelondonmodelcitizen xx

PS. Here is a sneaky peak at my post for tomorrow; Animal Prints.

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