Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wearing Animal (without killing any)

Rooaaarrrrr!! Now, now, lets not go over board with this trend. 

When I typed in 'animal prints fashion' into Google a whole series of links came up. From Vogue, to Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour the list goes on.

I've been exploring the jungle theme for a good few years now. Getting in touch with my feline femininity has been great and I'm happy (little smug) to see the catwalks have caught on.

So, as a woman who is slightly ahead of the game (cough cough) here are some of my TIPS for checking in to London Zoo.

1) The key is to NOT rock your lion, cheetah, zebra etc prints all at the same time. It's not fancy dress.

2) Add some sophistication. Try mixing this trend with a blazer or some simple black heels. Unless of course you manage to find a leopard print jumpsuit then you can forget that tip!!

3) The simpler the better. A simple animal print vest top or skirt adds just the right amount and worn with a heavy knit cream or black jumper would be so cute!

4) ALWAYS try vintage if you can.

5) If you're not a vintage girl then H&M has lots to choose from.

Take a look  below at how I wear animal prints in my first outside shoot!!

Watch out for some of the highlighted words with links to websites and stockists!

Look at the autumn leaves!

The Vintage Leopard Jumpsuit

This vintage jumpsuit is the ultimate comfy one-piece that I bought. There are stirrups in the legs but I choose not to put my feet through (rebel) instead I have worn some red cashmere socks with my gorgeous new Senso shoes. Senso is my favourite shoe brand and you can find them here.

The Leopard Vintage Velvet Skirt (Portobello Road)

Ok, I know I'm giving it a bit of leg in these shots but I wanted to show you these really cool tights I have. They are 'Pretty Polly' and look like hold ups but aren't (good for the colder months or climbing down the fire escape...). Check out the website, there are some really cool animal print ones!!! 

The shoes are vintage D&G and the shirt is vintage. The blazer is Zara. I love Zara for blazers, suits and shirts. TIP: You could wear this look with a plain black vest top/t shirt if you preferred or black converse to make it more casual.

The Cheetah Playsuit

Worn with my leather jacket and Senso leopard pumps.

Photos taken by me. 

How do you wear your animal prints?

Leave your comments below xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Looking hot! Loving these tips...So true about Zara blazers! I'll be getting myself an animal print jumpsuit soon me thinks!

  2. this blog is revoluntionary it really helps me to mix and match all my clothing and that of my grandparents thanks so much - jan


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