Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I have an obsession........and it's not Tom Cruise

I have a problem.
I keep drooling over sunglasses. Walking past the Ray Ban shop regretting not going in. Or actually going in to the Ray ban shop, trying on the ones I'm drooling about from the window and then walking right out again. 

I grumble to myself, "It's not summer, and it's hardly ever sunny in England. I nearly always end up loosing them. So, what's the point in sunglasses??

I shall tell you why. Each individual pair of sunglasses is for a different look, whatever time of year. They are the  'piece de resistance'. The final product. They add closure to the outfit. 

They aren't just for fashion either. They serve a highly practical reason too. Like all those mornings when you weren't feeling your best (...hungover? ), sunglasses came to the rescue.  And when you  shed a small tear. Again... sunnies. Didn't want to make eye contact in a meeting? I rest my case.

And  they don't have to cost you a fortune...the high street does some wonderful copies that you would be a fool to miss.

Before you go out on a mad shopping spree after reading this post (of course you will) please take a look at some of my nice (and not so nice) sunglasses for a bit of fashion inspiration.  

What I WANT:

Miu Miu's pink glitter sunglasses are my this seasons dream.

What I actually HAVE:

The John Lenon's'

I found these iconic 60's sunglasses in a charity shop near my parents. I'm almost certain they have been worn by a certain someone from a certain very cool band in the 60's. Certain.


.....See the resemblance?

The 'cat-eyed'

I found these Monroe 1940' s 'flick sunglasses' in a  vintage shop and I couldn't believe my luck. I can't say I have worn them yet.  

Ray Bans

An old favourite. A safe bet. Everyone is familiar with this brand and you won't get too many stares. You may even get a few compliments. The only problem is you know someone else will be wearing them and it might not be someone very cool. Like your dad. Or your grandad. (my grandad is very cool though).


The 'Library Chic'

They are saying, "I'm intelligent. I'm a bit of a dork. But am also a bit naughty." You get the gist.


Very trendy, very street. Whatever anyone says about these it doesnt matter. These are officially cool, they are from Berlin. And do you know what that means??! It means cool. End of.

The 'wacky option'

Not a clever option. You might pull these out at the end of a night at a house party becuae you cant bear anyone to look at you (more so the other way round) but the ironic thing is everyone is definitely looking at you with these on. Never a good idea. In fact, I need to chuck these

The 'I don't know whose these are' 

We all have those lying around the flat. We woke up one morning to find them sitting on our coffee table, staring up at us with a naughty twinkle in the lens. We don't know how they managed to end up here but we secretly are happy about it.

Pictures of myself taken by me. Other pictures from unknown sources. Thanks Google!
The End

What are you favourite glasses this season?

I would love to hear.

What are your favourites?

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