Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Gift Idea Number 1: Logo tops

 Topshop 'Owww' logo t shirt
Pro's: Slightly looser than the 'Geek' t shirt, which feels more comfortable for me. Love the pink wording against the blue. Nice rolled up sleeves
 Topshop 'Geek' logo t- shirt
Pro's: Love the blue and white together, and like the placement and font of the lettering. The rolled up short sleeves add a nice touch and make it very cute.
 Urban Outfitters
Pro's: Simple and stylish logo. Has the 90's vibe, very edgy and 'street'. It's my favourite colour, black. I can wear this with anything, so a good investment.
H&M logo vest top
Pro's : Simple use of colour and print. I like the white and black together, and it's hangs nice and loose. Is perfect to wear with jeans and a pair of biker boots. Very me. Such a good price it doesn't matter if I only wear it a few times and never again!

I have been living in slight denial about the time left until Christmas. I hadn't seem it come around until wham! It hit me smack,bang in the face today. There's fake snow on Bond St?! Christmas lights everywhere I turn, in every shop window and not to mention the faux fern trees and little santa's giving me the stare.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I love the build up to Christmas! I never get to celebrate as much as this...ever! And it's not even my birthday! Jesus Christ! Yes, it's him! He's responsible for us staying out late in the week and waking up with a headache and feeling ok about it because, "Everyones doing it....What's the 'ish? "

To make things easy for you I have come up with a series of ideas for presents and will be uploading them daily, so be sure to follow by email or go to Bloglovin and follow 'thelondonmodelcitizen' there!

I hope you enjoyed the first in my series of "Christmas Gifts Ideas". Logo tops; ideal for any of your friends, your girlfriend, your sister, your cousin, teacher...? They are fun and adorable and really quite cool. They wont break the bank either!

What are you filling up your stockings with this 


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