Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Gift Idea Number 2: Embellished Shirts

Here's a round up of my favourite  embellished shirts on the high street to make your Christmas shopping easier.

 Urban Outfitters £42
Review: A good fit in the length of body and sleeves. Love the shape of the collar and subtle use of jewels at the collar tips. It has a cowgirl theme, which I like.

 Urban Outfitters  £40
Review: this loose, silk sleeveless shirt has unique triangular studs on the collar, which I really like. Cool to have sleeveless, quite rocky. It is a bit see-through so be smart about your underwear.
 Marks and Spencer's  £35
Review: a green silk shirt with sequins on the shoulders and wrists. Hangs nicely and I like the simpleness of the details. Doubtful the colour is everyones cup of tea.  Good price and you can guarantee not many people will be wearing it as it is unique.
Marks and Spencer's  £35
Review: a white silk shirt with sequinned details on the shoulders and wrists. Again a cute and simple design. An alternative colour to wear than the green above. 
New Look  £24.99
Review: A soft denim shirt with gold studs on the shoulders. I love this loose fitted, relaxed denim shirt and it hangs well. Perfect with a pair of blue denim jeans. I prefer to wear the sleeves rolled up and the collar undone for a more informal look. I like the pockets on the front too.

You have to pick one of these up as a Christmas gift asap!

I think these embellished shirts have that little something else to what would normally be 'just another shirt' making them perfect for presents for your girlfriend, sister, mum and aunt etc. You name it, there are different styles for all ages.

It's all about collars at the moment, so be sure to do up all those buttons on your shirts to really make the most of the shape of the collar.


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