Friday, 30 November 2012

Changing Room Secrets; Maison Margiela

I went  into my local H&M and barricaded the changing room with all the Maison Martin Margiela clothes from the rails I could hold over both arms. It felt so good!

Here are some Iphone snaps of my favourite pieces. Worth going to check out if you haven't done so already or if you are like me and have done so and want to go back again then do it! It's the right thing to do.
My favourite! I love this outfit. So sneaky it looks like I'm wearing just a little bra....hehe. And the shoes are incredible with a glass heel!
This stretchy, tight, lycra top has an Egyptian themed print and is very cool. The jeans are painted white! Very crispy and extremely hard to get on and off! The sizing is a little on the small side.
Here it is up close. Look at the pattern!
I couldn't work out how to tie this top but regardless, it felt amazing on. I want this for summer too.
There's a skirt to go with this top! Its just as silky and goes to the floor. I am imaging this with biker boots and a biker jacket.....hmm an idea for a post!
This top/dress thingy could work with some biker boots and leggings or without leggings depending on how brave you are feeling. I like the looseness of it. Not sure to buy it though
Why didn't I buy this!! Regreting it badly.
Should I or shouldn't I? This criss- cross pattern will only be cool for a short while. I need to invest my money wisely today....
Stiff leather jacket, can't move my arms properly. Cut away on the shoulders and love the colour but I prefer my vintage leather....
Love these!! They remind me of the Isabel Marrant trainers but these are cooler and not so obvious. Must buy.

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