Monday, 5 November 2012

The Trend: An Ingenious Fur Gillet

Don't be a snowman this Winter, grab yourself an affordable winter warmer

The gillet is super easy to pull off and can be worn with anything at check your wardrobes carefully before you go and buy more pointless items to clog up your wardrobe!

I have worn it loosely over a white t-shirt and with my polo neck. I really like the casualness of it worn with a baggy t-shirt.

If you've got a bit of cash to spare in the build up to Christmas then you're extremely lucky and can afford this from Net a Porter. Or if you are like everyone else on the planet then this is something you might be interested in from Asos and the colour is 'gawgeous'!

Topshop have this in black which I love. You can always guarantee that Topshop has the latest trends, although if I'm honest you can definitely get more affordable prices elsewhere. Try this one from H&M which can be worn over a black dress or jeans and a t shirt again. Try with different looks at home and you will be pleasantly suprised with the outcome!

Let me know how you get on!!

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  1. that is fab!! turns any plan ensemble to chic in an instant!! love it :D

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