Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday Night Style (SNS)

Fur Hat Abercrombie, shirt vintage, leather jacket vintage, jeans Serfontaine, belt H& M, shoes Senso

I'm going to my friends house tonight to decorate her Christmas tree and then off to another friends for a dinner party. So, keeping is casual, laid back with a nod towards the grunge look. That seems to be my preferred style at the moment. I am in love with my vintage leather jacket, it's a man's jacket and its heavy and thick and warm. I decided to wear my blue Serfontaine jeans to keep the colour a bit lighter. It would be too masculine for me to have worn my lived in black jeans. Although, these jeans are pretty lived in too, the bum has faded colour.

I don't go anywhere now without my Senso shoes. I don't bother with heels much these days as I want to keep it casual. Plus I'm tall enough and my feet end up hurting with all the working around Notting Hill from place to place.

That's my SNS for you!

See you tomorrow for more style ideas.

Whats your SNS?


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