Friday, 30 November 2012

Get Ya Ruffles Out










Pink, ruffled dress vintage, boots The Dispensary , parka vintage, hat Portobello Market, tights Pretty Polly
I decided late last night that I have to show you my Auntie's pink dress and seeing as it's Friday today and Friday's are my new dress up day, it felt like the time was now (I may live to regret this).

I recently raided my grandmothers wardrobe (I usually do this at least once a month) and found the dress tucked away on the top shelf. It was calling my name. Except for my pink converse I don't think I have much else that's pink.

The inspiration behind this shoot was grunge girl vs. high school prom night. I like the juxtaposition of the heavy, dirty parka with black army boots.The  pretty polly 'hold up' tights are a bit cheeky but I think because the parka is so big and the dress not overtly sexy I can wear them.
Really fun for a shoot but I can't see when I would wear this delightful, sparkly numbher. My sweet 16 would have been ideal. Damn it....that's been and gone. Hhmmmmm my brothers sweet 16? Im sure he won't mind if I turned up in this. Actually, I think he would mind if I turned up full stop. I am NFI'd.

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Have a fab Friday.


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