Monday, 19 November 2012

LEATHER!! Ahhhh....!


BBrrrrr !! Is it me or is it cold in here?

Yes, I'm cold to the bone!

Blazer, Zara, shoes Senso, leather top and skirt CC KUO, glassess ASOS

"Hey, what about wearing some clothes", I hear you say! I decided to add a shirt- what do you think with or without?

And as an alternative lovelies you have these micro shorts. The smallest, tightest shorts you have ever seen a women to wear in London in the Winter. That's why I'm gazing outside....just to see if the weather's right today. I have this gut feeling that it may be a bit too cold right now. You can only dream...

Sun glassess Ray-ban, Shirt Gap and blazer Zara. Shorts and waist coat CC KUO

Look at these trousers! They are funky. I could wear these with my Nike air force ones to make the outfit more gangster.


Hat Supreme, Shirt Gap, Blazer Zara, shoes Laboutin, Trousers CC KUO

I want to say a special thanks to Amber at Emslie Creative for the CC KUO clothes :) 

Thanks for reading.

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London Model Citizen xxxx

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  1. love the shorts....... with boots maybe? and thick bright coloured shorts would cheer up any miserable rainy day x


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