Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crisp orange leaves and cashmere goes well with a tartan skirt in the country

Happy Sunday!!

I haven't posted on the weekend as of yet, so this being my first 'weekend post' proves that I am officially hooked on blogging and must be truly dedicated.

I am so thrilled.... already my blog has been well-recieved and with the emails and texts from you asking about the clothes, it makes me smile

Keep 'em coming. You can always leave a comment for me to read and I will get back to you!

Anyway, I won't keep you long with the boring intro. I have uploaded a series of pictures that my boyfriend took this weekend in Sussex at his mum's house. I can't believe I actually managed to persuade him but after taking lots of pictures on my own at home with my tripod I feel I'm ready to up the game slightly and bring in a third person.  I kinda liked shooting it like this. I did want to still direct it all though so we had a few minor complications as you can imagine....

This is what I like to wear when I come down here. I would always say opt for  comfy, warm, textured clothes and it's important not to try too hard. Listen to this, when I first came here I got really carried away and deicded to have a Woodstock themed fashion show rotating outfits throughout the day, from bohemian vintage dresses to heavy furs etc.  I got a few stares ordering my half pint of shandy at the bar.  You could tell I was a London girl trying to fit in with the country style. OMG the cringe factor. Meh! You live and you learn.

So here goes.....

 Coat Burberry men's, shirt vintage, jeans vintage, vest America Apparel, socks Brora, wellies Hunter, cashemre hate vintage, cashmere wrist warmers Brora

Hat vintage, scarf vintage, cashmere jumper Brora, skirt Portobello Road market, cashmere socks Brora, wellies Hunter

Thanks for reading!

Now, for the comments!!

London Model Citizen xxxxx


  1. Love this wintery but fun look - tartan skirt brilliant t for new years look.....xx

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for the comment. I always try to keep it fun!

    Try a tartan skirt with a black bodice and a pair of sexy black stilettos for a night out on the town!

    Stay tuned x


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